What’s the Difference Between SOHC and DOHC | SOHC vs DOHC

In this article, We have discussed the Difference Between SOHC and DOHC Also Their advantages and Disadvantages. SOHC means Single Overhead Camshaft and DOHC means Dual Overhead Camshaft.

Camshaft, Single or Dual is arranged to operate the intake and exhaust valves. This camshaft is driven by a crankshaft with the help of the timing belt or chain. Timing is the main parameter for Camshaft to operate the valves properly.


1 – Number of Cams –

This is the main difference in manufacturing. In SOHC engines, Single cam is used. DOHC has two cams.

2 – Number of Valves –

SOHC engine consists one intake and one exhaust valve. In other hand, DOHC consists 4 valves, 2 intake and 2 exhaust valves.

3 – Performance –

DOHC engine has more Power Performance than SOHC Engine due to its number of Valves. Modern Cars have DOHC Engines.

4 – Fuel Efficiency –

DOHC has more fuel efficiency than SOHC. If the Air Fuel amount is well enough taken inside the engine then combustion is processed and fuel is well utilized. So Fuel consumption is more.

5 – Reliability –

SOHC has lesser parts than DOHC, Therefore SOHC has more reliability. DOHC has an extra belt or chain drive assembly also Extra valve operating mechanism is there.

6 – Repair Cost –

More complex arrangement is there in DOHC, therefore Repair Cost much higher than SOHC.

7 – Cooling Efficiency –

SOHC has fewer components and a simple arrangement in the head area So more cooling passage can be provided so Cooling Efficiency is higher in SOHC.

8 – Cost and Weight –

Overall weight and cost are higher for DOHC Engines as more complexity is there in design and manufacturing. SOHC has less complexity than DOHC.

Which Is Better –

It depends on What are you looking for. Some people really look for Reliability than power and performance. Surely They choose SOHC Engines. But Some people like performance over Reliability they choose DOHC Engines.

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