Don’t let the colours of Holi get on your car too! Protect yourself like this and remain tension free

The festival of colors is going to drench you with happiness. Holi will be celebrated on 25th March. Forgetting all the grievances, people enjoy the festival of love and affection. People apply colors to each other in Holi. These colors are both dry and wet. These colors fill new energy in life. But if this color falls on your car, it can spoil the color of your car. You may be worried that these colors might discolor the color of the car.

In such a situation, to ensure that your car remains sparkling. Here we are telling you some easy tips. So that this Holi, you forget yourself in the colors, and also forget the tension that your car does not get spoiled by the colors.

Park wisely

If you park your car in a narrow street or an open space. So in the excitement of Holi, the enthusiastic crowd can do whatever they want with your car. So if you park your car in the garage before Holi, nothing can be better than this. Things can get a little tricky if you park your car in an open space. If you are parking the car on the roadside or in an open space, cover it with a cover. This is the best way to protect the exterior of the car.

Apply wax polish

A good way to protect the car from the effects of colors is to apply wax polish on the car. Wax polish prevents stubborn oil paint or permanent colors from settling into the top layer of car paint. Due to which the color of your car will be protected.

Waterproof cover

Even if you have not been able to get wax-polished in your car before Holi, there is no need to panic. You can cover your car with a waterproof cover. But there should not be any holes or leaks in it. If the sheet of plastic cover is thick enough, it will protect your car from paint splashes.

Apply cling film or food wrap

Water spoils the chrome parts of the car. The best way to protect them is to apply to cling film or aluminium foil over them. Water can damage the chrome-finished door handles and front grille of the car.

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