Top Bollywood celebrities who own electric vehicles, the price is in crores…

Over the past few years, the adoption of electric vehicles has seen a rapid increase across the world. Even the Government of India has promoted it a lot, due to which a massive shift from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) models to EV (Electric Vehicle) models has been seen. This change has also been seen in Bollywood. Because most of the celebrities have been seen abandoning fuel-powered cars and adopting completely electric cars.

Some actors were seen roaming on the road with expensive electric vehicles. While some were seen with electric cars equipped with low-budget technology. Here we are telling you about some top Bollywood celebrities who have recently purchased electric vehicles.

Shahrukh Khan

Whenever there is talk of luxurious properties or collection of expensive cars, the name of King Khan of Bollywood always tops the list. At present, the actor has a garage worth crores. Which has recently been made even more spectacular by Hyundai’s most advanced electric car Ionic 5.

The Donkey film actor has been endorsing the brand since 1998. Therefore, the company gifted him the 1,100th electric vehicle unit. The price of Hyundai Ioniq 5 electric car is in lakhs.


Veteran actress Rekha is never out of style and fashion. He has expanded his luxurious garage to include a stunning BMW i7. The starting price of this electric sedan is in crores.

This model comes with 101.7 kWh battery setup. Which generates maximum power between 536.4 – 650.39 bhp. It gives a strong range of about 625 km on a single charge.

Ibrahim Ali

Actor Saif Ali Khan’s son and budding Bollywood actor Ibrahim Ali Khan has also been spotted enjoying an EV drive in Mumbai several times. He is often seen roaming around in his BMW iX, which is worth crores.

A powerful battery setup has been provided in this electric vehicle. Which makes it capable of generating maximum power of 321.84bhp and peak torque of 630Nm.

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