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Nowadays, Sensors & circuits are most important components in any vehicle because They can actuate, operate and moderate the working of other mechanical or electrical components.

In this article, We have discussed what is Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor & it’s working. You would have better understanding after knowing the details of APP Sensor.

Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor –

An Acceleration of a vehicle is largely dependent on how APP Sensor Works. Because Nowadays, Electronic Throttle Body works according to input signals from PCM. PCM detects the throttle & pedal position with the help of APP & TPS.

APP Sensor converts pedal movement into an electronic signal which is responsible for opening & closing of the throttle body. Pedal movement or Position signal is sent to Throttle Actuator Control Module and the Powertrain Control Module.

PCM further functions & sets Throttle plate movement. This whole system is also known as Drive-by-wire throttle system. APP Sensor Unit consists of one or more sensor circuits. In that system, Potentiometer is mounted on the Accelerator pedal.

PCM continuously monitors the input signals from APP sensor unit. As mentioned above, One or more sensors are working as a back up voltage system for main potentiometer.

This potentiometer works as a input voltage signal to PCM. If PCM fails to read the required operating voltage then It reduces the performance of a vehicle & Puts a vehicle into the Limp Home Mode.

Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) –

TPS Sensor converts the Valve angle position of the throttle body into a voltage signal which is just an input signal to PCM. This maintains the clear understanding about an opening position of the throttle plate with respect to the Accelerator Pedal.

Basics of Throttle Body –

When we press the accelerator pedal down, throttle plate is opened that allows to flow of air into an Intake manifold. For further electronic contol, There is an airflow sensor which monitors the amount of air & sends such signal to ECM.

According with this signal, ECM monitors the amount of fuel required.

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