Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pump Relay (& Causes)

All you need to know initially is what is fuel pump relay and then you might have been in a consideration of its failure causes and symptoms. So let’s go through the article, Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pump Relay.

1 – Car won’t start

Fuel injection parameters are measured by ECM. So in this regard, fuel pump Relay is the most important thing. If it is going bad or failed then your car won’t start.

There might be the ticking noise in a fuse box or where the fuel pump relay is actually equipped.

2 – Check Engine Light

Sometimes, Though the vehicle is starting, other symptoms can also be noticeable. Check Engine Light is one of them. ECM easily notices the failure of fuel pump relay. Then You would come across with check engine light as an indication that something goes wrong.

3 – Poor Acceleration

Variation in Fuel supply is really important thing while accelerating or deaccelerating the vehicle. If fuel pump relay gets failed then you can’t get the optimum performance due to the poor acceleration. This symptom may cause further damage as engine stalling.

4 – Engine Stall

Above symptoms are quite noticeable but if you find a symptom of Engine stalling then there might be the chance of failed fuel pump relay. Bad fuel pump desturbs the fuel supply, So Engine stall may happen after starting or running of the engine.

In this condition, fuel pump relay is not fully damaged but it is in the process of that failure.

5 – Fuel Pump Noise doesn’t come

The basic fundamental of any pump is its noise when it is in working condition. If fuel pump noise doesn’t come, then fuel pump relay should be checked. Either fuel pump or relay may be the reason for such symptom.

Causes of a bad Fuel Pump Relay

• Electrical Fault
• Faulty relay (Manufacturing defect)
• Over – Aged Fuel Pump Relay

What is Fuel Pump Relay?

first of all when you tend to start the vehicle, you switch the key, then ECM sends the signal to the fuel pump to provide the required amount of fuel to the engine.

This signal monitors the fuel supply with the use of relay. Relay provides the power to the fuel pump. When fuel is not required then relay is not actuated so the fuel pump.

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