Signs of a Bad Strut Mount (Symptoms)

Vehicle’s suspension system should be in a good condition for getting the comfortable feeling while we are in a journey. In that regard, Shock absorber assembly is one of the important parts of the suspension system.

Shock absorber’s one end is connected to the body of the vehicle and other is connected to the knuckle of the suspension system. Upper strut part which is connected to the body frame has the mounting to assemble it properly.

Sometimes Strut mount gets damaged by various reasons like wear and tear of it, abnormal road conditions or driving inability with adverse road conditions. Whatever the reason may be, but you have to know the symptoms of a bad strut mount which have been discussed further…

1 – Steering wheel vibration –

One of the common sign that everyone could feel is steering wheel vibration. Due to strut mount Failure, drivability gets affected badly. You can consider this problem very easily with just normal driving.

If strut mount is worn out badly then whole chassis can squeak and rattle with the body frame. You can hear noise and vibrations while driving.

2 – Rapid Failure of Suspension Components –

Mount holds the smooth function of whole suspension system. Also it directs the alignment which is far more important. If such important part is failed then other component of the suspension system starts to wear and damage.

Other components bear the unnecessary vibrations and impacts which are produced due to a bad strut mount. Bushings and joints are mostly affected by such vibrations.

3 – Front alignment failure –

Front alignment can be adjusted according to the alignment settings but it can be failed or never been adjusted due to a bad strut mount. It also affects the Castor & toe setting.

In this case, You need to replace the worn strut mount with the new one.

4 – Front End Noise –

Strut mount Failure can cause the front end Noise and affect the front end geometry. This problem further increases the other adverse effects in the maintainance of the suspension system.

This front end geometry can be corrected by replacing the worn strut mount.

5 – Rapid Tire Wear –

Tire bears the whole vehicle’s weight including the chassis, suspension system and body frame. If smooth coordination between them is lacking then it will be the adverse situation for tires. They wear too quickly. The front end geometry could also be misaligned.

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