Causes of a Cold Lower Radiator Hose

Radiator and the whole cooling system should work in a appropriate way to enhance and maintain the cooling or heating effect. But sometimes, the failure in cooling system can cause the adverse cooling effect.

In this article, we have discussed the Root causes of a cold lower Radiator Hose. Cold Lower hose indicates the improper coolant flow through the radiator. Such problems can be solved through the understanding the root causes of them.

1 –  Clogged radiator hose

This reason may be considered initially because there are many chances for clogging of the radiator hose due to sludge or any contaminated particles. This blocked hose could be unblocked by flush or various other cooling system cleaning techniques.

2 – Water Pump Failure

Water pump circulates the coolant in the cooling system. If water pump gets failed then it is no more chance for cooling the engine down. This results the radiator hose to be felt cool. If this problem exists then you can replace the water pump with the new one.

3 – Water Pump Belt (Serpentine) Failure

Water pump belt, if it fails to rotate properly, then water pump can’t run and gets unable to circulate the coolant through the system and can’t complete the coolant cycle through the Radiator hose. In this condition, cold Radiator hose will be the symptom.

4 – Clogged Radiator

Radiator hose is connected to the radiator. If Radiator is clogged then also there would be the chance for the blocked coolant flow in the system. This may result in cold lower radiator hose. In such a case, the radiator needs to be cleaned, flushed or replaced.

5 – failed Thermostat

Failed Thermostat valve can be the reason for improper coolant flow through the system. It needs to be replaced otherwise coolant can’t circulate properly.

6 – Low Coolant Level

Low coolant level can cause the lower cooling effect in the system. This will not turn up the situation as engine required so radiator hose may be seemed cold enough to notice. There may be the chance of coolant leakage.

7 – Excessive Air

If improper coolant bleeding is occured then air formation or air is trapped in the cooling system. Another reason is if there is a leak then also it gets allowed to excessive air to be trapped within the cooling system.

Working / Purpose of a Lower Radiator Hose –

One end of the radiator lower hose is connected to the radiator and another is connected to the water pump inlet which further allows the cold coolant circulate back to the engine.

Hot coolant gets cooled down by the radiator fan or outside air. It comes down to the lower hose. Again as the water pump continues to rotate, coolant from lower hose gets circulated again to the engine.

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