P0118 Code – Symptoms & Causes

Diagnostic Trouble Code is an Indication for the problem in your vehicle regarding electronic or mechanical functional failure. Simply You would notice this problem initially as an illumination of check engine light.

These codes can be detected & diagnosed by OBD2 scanning tool. This tool is helpful in fixing these types of troubles. So In that regard, We have discussed here Symptoms & Causes of Code P0118 by which you would get better understanding about fixing this Code.

What is Code P0118 –

Code P0118 describes High Input signal from Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit means it may be a failure of Sensor, Wiring or Coolant system itself.

ECM detects the Sensor’s input signal & functions further in an appropriate way. When it receives a faulty signal from Coolant Temperature Sensor, It makes required changes to avoid an engine overheat problem & Also illuminates the check engine light.

Symptoms of Code P0118

• Check Engine Light

• Poor Fuel Economy

• Starting Trouble

Once you got an indication about the problem, fixing procedure can be held properly. Check Engine Light is an initial sign for any trouble code. Apart from that, Poor Fuel Economy & Starting Trouble are another two symptoms for Code P0118.

Causes of Code P0118

• Faulty Coolant Temperature Sensor

• Bad / Rusty Coolant

• Wiring Circuit Problem

You can fix any code by knowing the Causes of it. So for this Code P0118, Faulty Coolant Temperature Sensor, Rusty Coolant & Wiring Circuit Problem are the main causes.

How to Fix Code P0118 –

You can fix this code P0118 by understanding the Causes for it. After diagnosing, You have to replace either Coolant Temperature Sensor or Old Coolant. If problem found in wiring circuit, You need to perform repairing or replacing the connectors or wiring itself.

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