ECU Failure symptoms and Replacement Cost

The General Symptoms are discussed that you have to understand about bad ECU. We are going to tell you, how can you take these considerations as a piece of knowledge and precaution about your car’s ECU.

ECU is defined as Engine Control Unit. It is also known as ECM ( Engine Control Module ). It is one type of controller of the various functions of the car. Engine’s operational work is maintained and capitalized by ECU with the help of sensors and electronic components. The performance of the engine should be maintained at the level of driveability so ECM must be working fine enough. If the following symptoms occur in your car then you can predict the failure of the ECM.

We have discussed here 5 symptoms that you may go through. Then detect those symptoms as early as possible and work on them.

1 – Check Engine Light

The Owner or driver of the car easily finds out any engine fault by this symptom. This Symptom is shown on the dashboard ( instrument panel). If This warning light is illuminated then you will have to stop the car immediately. Don’t run your car too much with this light.

This symbol is appeared due to a lot of causes but bad ECM or faulty ECM is one of the reasons for it. Generally, ECU detects the sensors and electronic components for failure and shows this check engine light but if ECM got failed then this light is continuously flashed.

The technician then scans the ECM for trouble codes and if required he will have to repair or replace the ECM.

2 – Engine Performance is reduced

The Engine has a lot of sensors that monitors the required data and send the signal feedback to the ECU. This process is continuous once the engine is started. If ECM has problems then it will definitely affect the engine performance. The engine may stop intermittently, or runs roughly. Poor air-fuel supply, poor acceleration are the effects of faulty ECM.

3 – Starting Trouble

If your car doesn’t start, you have to know the reason for bad ECU. In this case, ECM is completely failed to work. It can’t monetize and moderate the feedback data which is given by the Engine. It is kind of a brain of the car. Once this brain can’t be generated well then the engine won’t start.

You need to take your vehicle at a good electrical technician. He can find that trouble by scanning the ECM. If The ECM starts to work after removing the trouble codes, it is fine. But if It gets failed completely then you will have to replace the ECM.

4 – Misfiring

The engine starts to misfire. This misfiring is occurred due to a lot of reasons but faulty ECM may be one of the causes. Data transferring between Sensors and the ECU will be affected if any one of them gets failed. ECU monitors the various parameters of the engine intake, exhaust, and performance. If the main component, the ECU got failure then Initially, there is a chance of misfire of the engine.

5 – Bad fuel efficiency and economy

Air – fuel ratio is maintained and optimized by ECU. It makes this work with the help of sensors. Suddenly if ECM is failed to work properly. Then the system doesn’t know how to monitor the quantity of fuel and air.

You may get different efficiency and economy in this case. Sometimes the rich fuel mixture is burned in the combustion chamber with no requirement at all.

• ECU Replacement Cost –

Wages are too high for either ECM repairing or ECM Replacement. ECM Replacement is a good option for you but it will be charged so high. We told you that ECM is the brain of the engine then you surely want a new one to function well.

Around 40k – 60k Indian rupees or $800 – $1000 is the minimum level prize for compatible ECM. It can vary by model to model. Luxurious cars have been scaled a much prize for it.

If your car is too old then don’t choose the option of replacement.
Adding to it, labor charges will be $200 – $300 for repairing and reinstallation for the older one.

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