Emission Test Failure Causes

In these days, Every country has faced pollution problems due to automobiles. Automobile produces more pollution by their exhaust gases. In this aspect, emission norms has been developed by every government according to country’s environmental conditions.

Carbon oxides, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide pollutants are very harmful to our health. These gases are produced and released by vehicles, therefore there is a smog test for vehicle that ensures a vehicle emits absolutely less pollutant gases.

Each and every vehicle has to pass an emission test for their safe and secure mobility. If your vehicle fails an emission inspection then you should have familiar with the reasons of failure. So In this article, We have given the Causes of Emission Test Failure.

1 – Check Engine Light

Whatever may be the issue for an illuminated check engine light, there is fixed failure of an emission test. You can scan your vehicle with the scanning tool and correct that error due to which check engine light is staying On.due to which check engine light is staying On.due to which check engine light is staying O.

2 – Fuel Injector Failure

Fuel injector failure may lead to the extra fuel amount to be injected. Then it becomes the rich air – fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. Obviously it leads to unburnt fuel to be exhausted. It produces more carbon dioxide than the limit. So definitely the emission test gets failed due to over polluted exhaust.

3 – Oxygen Sensor Failure

Oxygen sensor failure tends to operate any vehicle under the supply of lower amount of fuel into the cylinders. Limp mode may activate during this lesser supply of fuel. So vehicle won’t be in a good driving mode.

Engine module can’t help in this situation to drive the vehicle smoothly without any trouble. It results in the failure of an emission test.

4 – Air Intake Failure

Air Intake system can be a possibility sometimes for emission test failure as if it releases more hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.

You must check the air filter whether it is dirty or blocked because It is the reason for Lean air  – fuel mixture. This type of injection of mixture leads to unburnt fuel to go out as an exhaust.

5 – Loose / Damaged Fuel Cap

Fuel should not be vaporised otherwise you will face the emission test failure. This reason may not be in your consideration but you have to check the fuel cap whether it is loose or damaged.

If it is loose then tight it till audible ticking noise comes. Further you should check the seal damage and crack on the fuel cap.

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