How to Fix Code P0133

Code P0133 describes the slow response from Oxygen sensor (Bank1, Sensor1) in the form of a Signal to the PCM. With the help of considerations & knowing of the Symptoms & Causes, We can repair this code P0133.

Fixing processes can be utilised with the help of a scanning tool & Use of a multimeter. In this article, We have discussed how to fix the Code P0133. Following methods would be beneficial for the diagnosis of Code P0133.

1 – Remove Additional Codes

Everytime, Initial process should be a checking for additional DTCs before going for actual diagnosis. These additional trouble codes are stored problems in the module system. So It is very important to remove them first if they are present.

2 – Inspect O2 Sensor & It’s Wiring

After checking for additional codes, Inspect O2 Sensor & It’s Wiring circuit visually for any physical damage. Also check all electrical connections in that circuit.

Now check Voltage signal of the O2 Sensor with the help of a multimeter. A Signal must be within the specified limit of a voltage range. If it is not providing such ranged signal then replacing of O2 Sensor is the solution.

Apart from this replacement, following checking processes must be included in this repairing process of Code P0133.

3 – Inspect Mass Airflow Sensor

Getting the Slow voltage response means It might be a problem of intake airflow system for less air intake within the system. In that regard, We have to inspect Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) thoroughly.

4 – Exhaust Leak Inspection

O2 Sensor signal can be affected by the Exhaust Leak. Now, There are possibilities of providing false signal. So It becomes more important to check the exhaust system’s leakage.

5 – Vacuum Leaks Inspection

Vacuum leaks also produce problems regarding O2 Sensor. So It is also a mandatory method in the diagnosis process of fixing the code P0133. Smoke machine is very helpful in Exhaust & Vacuum leak inspection.

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