How to Fix Code P0161 (DTC)

Diagnostic Trouble Codes are indicators that something is really misbehaved in your vehicle. Either electronic or mechanical problem would be there but you have to understand it to remove (fix) it.

In this article, We have discussed How to fix Code P0161 which is about noticing the failure in O2 Sensor Heater Circuit (Bank 2, Sensor 2). We can remove this DTC by working on the root causes of Code P0161.

1 – Remove Additional Codes

Scanning tool can give you an idea about additional codes. Before going for any diagnostic process, please check additional DTCs. This process will be helpful in fixing the code P0161.

Because of certain component’s failure, other malfunctions are developed over the period of time. So We have to check them initially.

2 – Inspect O2 Sensor

Code P0161 is the consideration of O2 Sensor failure along with its circuit. So Inspect visually an O2 Sensor. If you found any damage in the circuit or sensor. Please replace the sensor or repair the wiring.

3 – Sensor Resistance

If Visual Inspection gets failed to detect any kind of damage, then check the Sensor Resistance with the help of a digital multimeter. There are specified values which should be matched with actual readings.

If actual reading has shown different range than specified then replace the sensor.

4 – Check Circuit Resistance

If O2 sensor doesn’t have any kind of problem itself then go for checking the circuit resistance. If circuit resistance is not within the specified range, Inspect the circuit for open condition means check Isolation around the circuit wire.

5 – Replace PCM

If all fixing procedure is failed to detect the error then there might be a chance of faulty PCM. In this case, PCM should be reflashed or replaced. This replacement decision should be taken by authorised service center because it is very costly part.

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