How to Fix Code P2135

Any trouble code is diagnosed by following a certain process regarding the root causes of that code. In this article, We have discussed how can we fix a Code P2135.

These kind of trouble codes are removed after working on causes by using OBD2 tool. Some fixing methods may appear differently according to types of car models.  Before going for removing this error, You have to be sure with symptoms.

Check Engine Light, Starting & Accelerating Trouble, Engine stalling, Sudden loss of power, These are some symptoms that one can easily notice. If you understand some of the above symptoms, then go through the scanning process using OBD2 tool.

P2135 describes the Throttle position Sensor & Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor are not signaling properly to each other. There is a faulty correlated voltage between them while transmitted through PCM.

If We press the pedal, APP sensor sends a input signal to the PCM. Further PCM delivers required voltage to the throttle body. If This Working is not in function properly then Code P2135 appears as a DTC.

Regarding to Fixing this code P2135, the Following steps are given in a sequence.

1 – Additional DTCs

When you begin to think about how to fix P2135 Code, You need OBD2 tool by which you can check live parameters & live data regarding the vehicle performance. In that aspect, An Initial step is to check additional diagnostic trouble codes. If DTCs are present then They should be diagnosed & removed properly.

2 – Technical Service Bulletins

After diagnosing additional DTCs, Go for Technical Service Bulletins. These guidelines or news are very helpful for safely attaining the further process. If such bulletins are present then follow the given commands/Instructions.

3 – TPS/APP Wiring Inspection

Throttle position sensor or Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor, these two sensors are not in proper aligning signal mode in this problem. So check/Inspect their wiring & connectors for corrosion or damage.

4 – Check Voltage at TPS/APP

After Inspection of Wiring, Go for Checking Voltages of TPS & APP with the help of multimeter. There are specified & standard values which can’t be neglected while checking voltages.

5 – Replace TPS or Inspect Throttle Body

If Operational Range is different than the specified then You can replace the Faulty TPS Sensor. Voltage is correct & still the problems exist regarding P2135 then Replace the throttle body.

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