How to Fix – Code P0131 (DTC)

Any fault in a Vehicle is now considered by OBD2 tool as a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC). Such Troubles have various symptoms and causes. If we take actions against their causes then we can fix them.

Code P0131 is a trouble which is considered as a lost feedback from O2 sensor (Air-fuel Sensor). In this article, we have discussed methods by which you would understand how to Fix this code P0131.

1 – Check Additional Codes

It is the most important and initial consideration for diagnosing any trouble that you would be sure about an absence of additional codes. If codes are present then clear them first. After clearing, you can go for a further process.

2 – Clear DTCs

Scanning machine is a capable tool for diagnostic procedure. It is very helpful for getting the procedure to remove trouble codes. A person should work on causes of a code P0131.

Detailed and step-by-step process is given in the tool. Sometimes you have to check the live parameters means compare all standard values in vehicle’s running mode (Test Drive) by connecting the scanning tool to it.

After clearing the all DTCs. If code is still present then go for actual checking the sensors and wiring circuit.

3 – Visual Inspection for damage

Any kind of Damage can create a fault in the system. So perform visual inspection for it. So for this diagnosis, Inspect a Sensor (bank 1), wiring and circuit damage.

4 – Sensor, Wiring & Circuit Signal

Active DTC related with O2 sensor (bank1) should be diagnosed properly with checking the sensor’s specified voltage and resistance. If there are no specified values are shown by sensor then Replace it and perform the live test.

Also check a signal from wiring & sensor circuit. This type of failure can also cause an active code P0131.

5 – Coolant Temperature Sensor

Sometimes, There is a cause for code P0131 related with coolant Temperature sensor. If this sensor signals unspecified values then there is a chance for this kind of trouble showing the code P0131.

6 – Replace ECM

If All above diagnostic processes are failed to fix the code then check for ECM failure. If necessary, replace it. ECM is costly part so be sure about its failure.

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