How to HOTWIRE a Car | Methods & Precautions

Starting the engine with different tricks is something a very interesting experience. Early age vehicles without electronics and computers can be started by this hotwire trick. The term Hotwire means starting the engine without a key.

Nowadays you can not hotwire the car easily. Locking mechanisms and electronics are getting advanced in cars. If you lost a key you must go to the service center. The ignition switch, computer and key all three are coded with one match. Programming also is needed for a new key.

How it works –

ignition switch just makes the electrical connection between battery and starter with the help of a key. So We are directing the electrical supply by hotwire technique.

3 Easy Methods to hotwire a car –

1 – Using Screw Driver as a key –

As we start the vehicle just by switching the key, the same we have to do with the screwdriver. Put the screwdriver in the ignition and try to give a switch. Many cars have minimum key locks inside the ignition switch. Those cars can start with this method.

Some cars won’t start with this and If any emergency case is there then make the drill in the hole with any tool to destroy locking pins inside. Now use the screwdriver to start the engine.

2 – Connect the Ignition switch wires.

The key makes two processes to start the engine. The first switch unlocks the steering wheel and the second switch gives the starter to engine. There are different wirings from which ignition makes working. Wiring color codes you have to understand from manual book.

Now remove cover panels with the help of a screwdriver from the ignition switch and steering column. You can easily see the ignition switch wires of different colors. Figure out those wires that make a connection to the ignition and the starter motor.

Firstly remove the insulation from the ignition wires, twist them together and insulate them properly with tape and see whether the lights are getting on or not. If all lights are flashed then go for the main starter motor wire. Observe which wire is coming from the battery and connect to the starter motor. Just make the connection between them (Touch both wires to each other. Don’t try to twist them together). Use tape to insulate both ends of the live wire. They shouldn’t come in contact anyway.

3 – Directly giving an electric supply to the starter from the battery with another wire.

This method is a risky one. If the starter of your car is visible and you are able to make a connection between the starter and battery then don’t go inside your vehicle. Just make sure that the vehicle is in a neutral position.

Precautions –

1 – The vehicle should be in a neutral position while performing the hotwire.

2- To turn off your vehicle, remove insulation tape from ignition wires and untwist them.

3 – Don’t put off the bare ends of the wire. Insulate them properly.

4- Steering lock feature is there for anti-theft security but if it is your car, it is good to remove the ignition key barrel from the steering column. You need other special tools to do that.

Important Note –

This trick is worked for older vehicles. If not an emergency, Please! Don’t try this with your car or any other car. Theft can be possible with hotwire. If you really want to do it, then do it with your car. But again, it will be harmful if you don’t perform it with care.

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