Risks of Overfilled Coolant | Too much Coolant

Some precautionary advices given by any mechanic are about coolant & engine oil levels. Somehow we try to compensate that level by our own logic but it can be harmful.

Coolant or oil level maintenance is just a thing which should be done when engine is at cold condition. It should not be at warm or just after running condition.

There are hot & cold condition level markings given on coolant tank. When engine is warm then Don’t try filling it up with coolant. Check the coolant level only when engine is cool. If needed then fill up coolant upto the cold level marking.

Overfilled Coolant is not good for engine. It affects the functionality of engine cooling system. So here, We have discussed what can happen if There is too much Coolant in the system.

The possible effect is leakage. Coolant can leak through hoses & sealings. There is also a possiblity of damaging the cooling system over the period of time. Such adverse effects of leakage are mentioned below…

1 – Problems in Engine Compartment

A Coolant leakage can create problems in the Engine compartment specially for those vehicles who don’t have any drain hose to carry Coolant.

Burning smell, damage of plastic / fiber components & coverings, colour damage etc. are some of the effects which will be the result due to an unusual flow of coolant.

2 –  Chances of Electronics Damage

Engine compartment has various electronic components. Sensors, alternator, wires, Ignition coils, spark plugs etc. are such electronic & electrical components which could be damaged by coolant dropped on them.

If corrosion occurs for electronic components then it is very hard to repair & it is costly too. Be aware about coolant leakage in terms of initially overfilled.

3 – Health Issues of Animals/Insects –

If coolant is dropped continuosly under your car then it can be harmful for animals & other living things. Any type of animal can be attracted by coolant puddles & It can take taste of coolant. Coolant is itself toxic in nature. So when you really have a care for other life forms, Avoid overfilling of coolant.

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