P0131 Code Meaning, Symptoms & Causes

Modern vehicles are very advanced & equipped with electronic enhancements. In that regard, Engine parameters are well controlled by Modules, Sensors and Actuators. So Engine & Electronic error can be captured easily as feedback gets interrupted.

This interrupted functionality of any system can be initially indicated as Check Engine Light. If We do further investigation by scanning tool to remove this check engine light, then It is a chance of getting any type of fault known as DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code). 

Code P0131 is a code which indicates a Low Voltage signal from O2 Sensor (Bank1-Sensor1). It means a lost of feedback from O2 sensor (Air-fuel Sensor). This sensor helps the ECM to determine air – fuel ratio.

Sensor’s Failure has reasons and also signs that you should know to get an information related with how to fix it. So In this article, We have given symptoms & causes of a Code P0131.

Symptoms of Code P0131 –

Code P0131 has following symptoms by which you could actually understand fixing procedure with the help of scanning tool.

• Check engine light

• Rough idle

• Poor fuel economy

• Acceleration Fault

• Engine stall (Intermittent)

• Starting failure

Causes of Code P0131 –

You have to consider the causes of Code P0131 otherwise you can’t get the fixing procedure in a right manner. Following are the causes of Code P0131.

• Faulty O2 sensor

• Faulty O2 sensor connector

• O2 sensor circuit failure

• Faulty engine coolant temperature sensor

• Intake or Exhaust leaks

• ECM Failure (Internal Issues)

How to fix a Code P0131

You can eliminate any code just by working on causes. These causes and fixing procedure you can get after scanning the Engine Module. Eliminate previous errors (DTC) if present, then go for fixing the Code P0131. 

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