Code P0161 – Symptoms & Causes

Today’s automobiles are fully equipped with electronics & electrical assets that make the driveability & engine’s functionality much easier than ever before. Nowadays, It is also a possibility of detecting the problem right on an OBD2 tool without any overhauling the components.

There is a whole electronic system in which troubles are shown in the form of indication lights on the dashboard. These indications show that there is a problem in a vehicle. Such problems are considered as Diagnostic Trouble Codes.

In this article, We have discussed Symptoms & Causes of a Code P0161 by which we can understand the problem in details to know the procedure for fixing it. Code P0161 describes the Malfunction in O2 Sensor Heater Circuit (Bank 2, Sensor 2).

This sensor is located at catalytic converter’s downstream. This sensor measures an oxygen amount of exhaust gases. If It fails then engine’s performance & fuel efficiency are affected.

Symptoms of Code P0161

• Check Engine Light

Code P0161 if arises then there is a sign of check engine light. O2 Sensor failure doesn’t have so many symptoms that one needs to deal with them. Only Check Engine Light is illuminated.

Causes of Code P0161

There are various causes of Code P0161 that shows a malfunction of an O2 sensor circuit. We can’t predict the exact cause for this code but it varies according to what’s the damage is being occured.

• Faulty O2 sensor

• Open heater power circuit of O2 Sensor.

• Open heater ground circuit of O2 Sensor.

• PCM (powertrain control module) failure

To Remove this DTC, One should work on above potential causes. Initially, Remove additional codes if present, then go for O2 sensor circuit Inspection. This code can cause the failed emission test & vehicle’s poor performance. So It’s better to fix it as soon as possible.

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