P0332 Code – Its Symptoms and Causes

You can find in this article, An Information about P0332 Code, all its Symptoms and Causes.

Check Engine Light has various problematic aspects regarding electronic, electrical or mechanical adverses in your car.

With the diagnostic tool, you have come to the P0332 code then it is about to knock sensor failure. In this condition, the knock sensor sends a low voltage signal, or the knock sensor gets failed to send a signal.

Engine knock has nothing to do with this type of signal. This trouble code just shows that ECM is not receiving the signal/reading from the knock sensor or the reading can’t be correct.

Symptoms of Code P0332

• Check Engine Light

Any sensor or electronic failure could be the reason for check engine light. Similarly with knock sensor failure, Check Engine Light blows up.

• Engine Pinging –

The pinging Type of noise comes when the engine is in running condition. This is happened due to failed knock sensor or Low signal voltage of the sensor.

• Emissions test failure

Increased emissions and the failed emission test, These conditions are possibly there for code P0332.

• Hot Engine

Engine Immediately gets heated up in running condition.

Causes of Code P0332

• Failed Knock Sensor

P0332 code is shown most of the times because of defective knock sensor.

• Bad Electrical Connections

Bad wiring and defective electrical connections are also the causes for P0332 code.

• EGR System Failure.

Very less chances for blowing up P0332 code by EGR System Failure. But there is possibility.

• Cooling System failure

Cooling System failure causes the engine to get hot. Not most likely but it is the chance for showing up P0332 code. (Due to the engine running hot)

• Lean Air Fuel Ratio –

It is not the most probable cause but the could the reason for P0332 code.

If you have good electrical troubleshoot knowledge then it’s very easy for you to get rid of it by replacing the knock sensor or solving the electrical connection problem. You can also get access to the scanning tool for further and detailed investigations.

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