P0500 Code – Symptoms & Causes

Nowadays Vehicles are being operated with an advance use of electronic & electrical technologies. In that aspect, Vehicle’s are equipped with Control modules and various operating sensors.

This technology works in a moderated way but if some fault occurs in a system then it could be the phenomena of functional error. So check engine light will be the result for any kind of system fault.

We can handle that error by using scanning tool which gives us proper diagnosis method. P0500 code if it appears in a scanning tool, generally it is an indication for Vehicle Speed Sensor Malfunction.

Speed sensors are present on two locations. One is mounted on a transmission which counts the revolutions of a transmission tail shaft. Another one is mounted at each wheel’s end location named as vehicle’s wheel speed sensor.

Faulty speed sensor affects the working of ABS & Speedometer. So you have to know signs and reasons of P0500 code. Here, In this article we have discussed what are the Symptoms & Causes of P0500 code.

Symptoms of Code P0500 –

1 – Speedometer stops working –

Speedometer doesn’t work, this is most common symptom with which anyone can understand the problem regarding speed indication. So you have to go through the process for checking the vehicle speed sensor.

2 – Check engine light

All Modern vehicle shows check engine light if there is any kind of electronic fault. If sensor gets failed then check engine light is illuminated in the cluster.

3 – Erratic shift pattern

You can observe the erratic shift pattern when vehicle speed sensor really gets damaged or become faulty. For this kind of sign, you have to understand how shift pattern works smoothly.

4 – ABS doesn’t work properly

Vehicle speed sensors are mostly used & operated in the Anti Lock Braking System. If you have issues regarding braking then there might have a chance of faulty vehicle speed sensor.

ABS Light can also be illuminated along with check engine light if problem persist for too long period.

Causes of Code P0500 –

There are three possible causes for code P0500, Faulty vehicle speed sensor, Wiring failure & PCM related connectivity issues. It means any type of circuit failure can cause the check engine light to be illuminated.

How to Fix Code P0500 –

Any trouble code is diagnosed with On-board diagnostic tool. Before going for any diagnosis procedure, check for additional trouble codes. If they present then clear them first.

Now start the diagnosis process with visual inspection of wiring circuit for any kind of damage. After that check other two causes, sensor failure and PCM related connectivity.

Use multimeter for checking the speed sensor. You can take road test also for live data. Road test would be the best option for checking live module and sensor related parameters.

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