Code P2135 – Symptoms & Causes

Modern vehicles become more convenient than ever before. Electrical & Electronic moderations have been used in vehicles for the comfortable access of the functionality of driveability & its aspects.

There are sensors & circuits which actually provides very useful information regarding component’s functionality. So it is also possible for detecting the problem with the help of ECM. Such problems are named as diagnostic trouble codes in automobile language.

ECM/PCM registers the error (code) & Show it as an illumination of check engine light on the cluster. OBD2 Tool can be used for scanning the code & knowing the procedure regarding how to fix it.

In this article, We have discussed the code P2135, It’s symptoms & Causes to get better understanding of this DTC. Code P2135 describes the drive by wire throttle system issues.

What is Code P2135?

Throttle position Sensor (TPS) & Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor (APP) are not in proper aligning voltage means There is a voltage difference recorded in the PCM for proper operation of a throttle body.

When driver presses the pedal, APP Sensor sends a signal to PCM. Now, To operate a throttle body, Required correlated voltage is applied by PCM (Powertrain Control Module) on the basis of getting a signal from APP sensor.

If correlated Voltage range is varied from required then the code P2135 is stored. This error in the system further results the drivability issues. Following are such issues known as symptoms of Code P2135.

Symptoms of Code P2135

• Acceleration Issues

• Check Engine Light

• Throttle System Problem

• Sudden Loss of Power

• Intermittent Stalling

Causes of Code P2135

• Faulty throttle Body

• Faulty APP Sensor / Its Circuit

• Faulty TPS Sensor / Its Circuit

• Wiring short to ground

• Faulty Throttle plate movement

Once you understand above Symptoms & Causes, Fixing procedure would not be a much of time consuming process. Procedure should be based on root Causes. if you understand them better, How to fix code P2135 will be easier than imagined.

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