Speedometer – Not Working Symptoms and Causes.

In this Article, We have discussed about the Speedometer Not Working – Its Symptoms and Causes.

You can notice the speed of your car on speedometer. With the help of the speedometer, You can enhance your driving skills just by limiting and exceeding the speeds. These speed variations you can see on speedometer.

If speedometer doesn’t work then you don’t understand the speed of your car whether it is slow or fast in details. Speed limitations that you must follow in traffic conditions but if you don’t know how much of the speed it needs then there will be serious crisis for you.

Now, by understanding the symptoms and causes of speedometer – Not working, you can keep in your mind all the possible solutions to fix this problem.

Symptoms of Speedometer Not Working

1 – Dead Speedometer

A Speedometer needle or digital speedometer doesn’t show any movement then you can surely take the note that your car’s speedometer is dead.

2 – Check Engine Light

If A sensor doesn’t work well then It results in bouncing with the check engine light on the dashboard. ECU can’t figure out the readings and unable to show any readings on the speedometer.

Causes of Speedometer Not Working

1 – Defective Speed Sensor

Speed Sensor senses the revolutionary readings and sends to the ECU. The ECU further shows that readings on the speedometer. So In Case, The Speed Sensor gets failed then the Speedometer will stop to work. It further results the check engine light to blow up on the dashboard.

2 – Wiring Problem / Faulty Fuse

Bad/Defective Wiring is another cause for speedometer – Not working. Also Faulty Fuse may be the reason for speedometer not working.

3 – ECU Problem

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) monitors and controls the engine and electrical/electronic operations. If the defective ECU works with the car then it can send the incorrect speed readings on the speedometer.

How to Fix the Problem Speedometer Not Working –

Find Out the trouble code with the diagnostic tool. Go further with repairing Process. Either Speedometer Sensor or Wiring connections get failed then You can take following actions regarding that.

1 – Replacing the old sensor with the new one
2 – Resolve Wiring / electrical Problem

Working of Speedometer –

The speedometers in modern days use speed sensors to generate the speed while the older cars or vehicles use the gears and wires to calculate the speed.

Vehicle’s speed is considered by Speedometer by taking the revolutionary reading from transmission and driveshaft. The ECU converts the driveshaft rotation speed to linear speed of the vehicle. This speed is shown on the Speedometer.

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