Bad Body Control Module Symptoms

Today, We are living in the world of automobiles. Automobile cars nowadays are fully equipped with electronics with which every mechanical and electrical operations are controlled and modulated with wires, solenoids and sensors.

Such electronic aspect is overall operated with the help of electronic modules. Generally there are two main modules named ECM (Engine Control Module) & BCM (Body Control Module) present in all modern cars.

ECM is used for operating and controlling the engine functions while BCM controls and supports all the safety and comfort feature systems. If some safety features are not functioning well then there is a strong possibility of BCM failure.

In this article, We have discussed the symptoms of a failed or bad body control module (BCM).

1 – Electrical function failure

Horn, Lights, wipers, radio, cluster, and also some body safety features are well affected by a bad BCM. This suggests that these electrical issues are the signs of the BCM failure.

2 – Battery Drain

Battery voltage issues are commonly considered for overloaded electrical supply or damaged electrical system for which more power is consumed or wasted.

If repeated battery drainage is observed then you can go through the process of checking the BCM because BCM may allow the more unnecessary power supply.

3 – Cluster failure

Dashboard display system or simply say cluster, If it shows intermittent or irregular electronic data then there is a cluster failure. This symptom is there, Perhaps due to a bad BCM.

In such condition, BCM may be unable to communicate with other control modules such as airbag control module, PCM or TCM.

4 – Security System Problems

Comfort features are just electrical enhancement in any vehicle but if any car has some kind of security system then it should be well in operation. Its failure then considered as a sign of a body control module.

5 – Starting Failure

Cluster failure, Battery drainage and key identification, These issues directly affect the starting of any car. Such issues are commonly caused by a bad BCM. So starting of a vehicle can be the failed process.

Bad BCM also leads to the corrupted connection with other control modules which could be further troubling the starting of a car.

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