5 Symptoms of a Bad or Clogged Fuel Filter

Clogged or failed fuel filter symptoms are developed over a period of time. The fuel filter is a replaceable part so it should be replaced with new one in a scheduled service of your car.

The fuel tank is safe but fuel sometimes with different densities, impurities could be filled into the tank so after some time, that impurities are collected in a fuel filter. That collection makes the fuel filter clogged and further fuel supply is cut down or reduced.

This clogged filter should be replaced if you have really noticed some symptoms like poor acceleration, misfire, starting problem. Every vehicle has a scheduled period for a fuel filter change. If that interval is not taken up seriously then it results in the clogged fuel filter.

Symptoms which are discussed below will be helpful to you in the knowledge for the clogged or bad fuel filter.

1 – Engine Misfires

At the initial clogging of the Filter, fuel supply is just not stopped but reduced in amount then the engine starts misfiring. While in running or starting the vehicle, if the engine misfire is there then you can conclude about bad fuel filter is choked up and the fuel line is not supplying the required fuel to the engine.

Fuel supply must be continuous otherwise you will feel numerous problems like this. It is better to change the fuel filter after diagnosis.

2 – Starting Problem

At the starting of any vehicle, the required fuel-air amount should be available. If fuel is not there in measurable quantity then the engine won’t start. In such a condition, the bad or clogged fuel filters may be the reason because fuel supply is not optimum.

3 – Poor Acceleration

What would happen if you want to accelerate your car and fuel quantity is less than required in a combustion chamber? The answer is, you will get poor acceleration or vehicle starts trembling while accelerating. Car can’t take full load in such a condition.

4 – Check Engine Light On

Check engine light is flashed as fuel pressure drops down. Fuel pressure sensor does this job by monitoring the quantity of fuel. If any vehicle comes with this sensor then you can notice this symptom. If any diagnostic tool indicates that trouble code about sensor failure but actually it could be the problem of the fuel filter.

5 – Fuel Smell

If the fuel filter is clogged then the leak may occur from somewhere because pressure builds up in a fuel line. This causes the fuel to smell which comes out maybe from the fuel tank, fuel line, fuel injectors. You can easily smell out this odour.

How does Fuel Filter work?

The fuel tank is there with full of fuel. That fuel is pumped up and pressurized by the fuel pump. Now before going to the engine, fuel is cleaned up or filtered by the fuel filter. A fuel filter traps contaminations and impurities of the fuel and supply more cleaner fuel to the engine.

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