Symptoms of a Rack and Pinion Leak

Leakage is anyway not a good condition for any vehicle. If you found oil drops on the surface where you parked a vehicle, or a mechanic observe oil leakage while servicing then you should consider that problem.

Various types of leakages are there in an engine compartment. Rack & pinion leak is one of them. This type of leak can cause the oil drops on driveways. You must know the signs of such leak. In this article we have discussed the Symptoms of a Rack and Pinion Leak.

1 – Oil Drops

Driver or car owner doesn’t come across with the actual rack & pinion leakage but can observe the oily surface (puddle) under a car. He can go further to a service station & check for a leak.

An inspection gives you a clear-cut indication about what is really failed or leaked in certain conditions. Also You would know what to do for prevention of leakage.

2 – Audible Noise When Turning

Any system with lack of lubrication can become less efficient and gives poor performance. This occurs same with rack & pinion arrangement. When we tend to turn the vehicle, we can hear the audible noise from rack & pinion.

This symptom is occured due to an excessive loss of fluid by which unusual noise comes.

3 – Tough Steering

Power steering system means it has to be functionable while steering the vehicle also well in operation with an essential level of fluid.

If fluid level goes down than normal then steering the vehicle becomes harder than usual. We can consider this symptom easily just by staying aware of driving. Rack & pinion leak can cause the low level of fluid which results in hard steering over the period of time depends on severity of leakage.

4 – Power Steering Fluid gets lowered

Rack & Pinion leakage causes the fluid level drop dramatically. You need to fill up power steering fluid frequently. This is most common sign of a rack & pinion leak.

If leakage percentage is higher than normal then you would know this problem too early. Check oil level from power steering reservoir regularly.

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