Causes of Traction Control Light being ON

Nowadays Vehicles are equipped with moderated electronics and safety systems that helps securing the human life. Traction control system is one of them. It prevents skidding, wheel slip, and hydroplaning under the variety of road conditions.

Various sensors are working for that traction consideration according with vehicle speed. This traction control system has a light indication in the instrument panel. Sometimes this light gets illuminated but the perfect reason can’t be known.

In this article, We have given the causes of traction control light being ON by which you will have the information about what to do next to make this light off.

1 – Wheel Speed Sensor failure

Wheel speed sensors are equipped within the hub such that they can track the speed of a wheel. Sensors sends the signal continuously about wheel speed but if it doesn’t occur then there will be a chance of faulty wheel speed sensor. With this sensor failure cause, Traction Control Light is illuminated.

2 – Yaw Sensor Failure

Stability control is a new feature in lot of modern vehicles. For this purpose Yaw sensor’s work is to record the rotational angle of a vehicle related with its vertical axis. If this sensor fails, then also there is an illumination of traction control light.

3 – Steering Angle Sensor Failure

For stability control system feature, apart from yaw sensor, steering angle sensor is also important because it considers vehicle’s wrong moving direction in accordance with what driver tends to do. It manages the steering angle for better stability of the vehicle.

Stability control system is interconnected with TCS. In that aspect, if steering angle sensor gets failed then it results in traction control light being ON.

4 – Wiring Failure / Damage

TCS functions well if all the connections to the sensors are in a good condition. If any damaged wire connecting a sensor and a module is present there, then module finds it the interrupted connection and Traction Control Light gets illuminated.

5 – ABS Problem

Some vehicles operate both systems ABS & TCS at a time. They have the same illuminated light about their malfunctioning. Therefore if ABS failed then there is a possibility of TCS light being illuminated.

6 – Module Failure

Traction control module failure, this may be the reason sometimes for
Traction light being illuminated. This happens rarely but if you go for all the above causes and failed to find the fault anyway then you should consider the module failure.

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