What is a Heater Core?

Automobile concepts can easily be known by just understanding any component’s working and the answer of what it is? In this article we will perfectly go through that direction of knowing what is a heater core.

Perhaps, You are hearing it first time, but your basic curiosity about the heater core gets resolved. Air conditioning is the system in which both cold and hot temperature conditions are maintained and circulated in desired directions.

It just means that Hot & Cool Air both are outcomes required for any air conditioning system. In terms of getting hot air, you need to actuate the heater mode of an AC system of a car. Heater system consists of a heater core which is nothing but a tubelike structure.

This structure consists Small tubes through which hot coolant is passing. It is mounted beneath the dashboard. So you can’t recognise it easily, what it is, how it works.

But if you see it, perfectly after opening / removal of a dashboard, you would know that blower motor starts to operate when we actuate the heater mode. Blower motor passes hot air through AC vents as hot coolant is passing through the heater core.

Generally, We can said that heater core is heat exchanger that holds and radiates the hot coolant’s temperature to the car’s cabin with the help of blower motor. Blower motor forces the air to the heater core which further converts into warm or hot air due to passing across the heater core.

Heater mode is actually used in winter season when all the temperature of cabin is lowered down just by cold atmospheric conditions. In such situation, passengers and driver actually need warm surrounding. This need is fulfilled by heater mode’s activation.

Flow of coolant through a heater core can be regulated by heater control valve. This valve is controlled by some electrical means or vacuum. If you doesn’t get warm air or gets failure with the functioning of a heater core then it may be a failure of such type of valve.

Diagnosis of a heater core can be a time consuming process. So be patient if you really got a problem regarding to heater mode. It is difficult to pick up a fault resolving procedure just by first initiation into a problem.

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