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Here, In this article, We have given the Benefits and Reasons for replacing the air filter. Every combustion engine requires an air filter to suck the fresh air into it for combustion. It prevents dust particles, dirt, moisture, and debris in regard to the Engine’s requirement. Air every time should be clean and fresh to mix with fuel to get optimum and efficient combustion.

What is Air Filter

The air filter is a square, rectangular, round, cylinder-shaped type of paper, cotton, foam, plastic – fiber component which ensures the fresh air to sucked into the engine. It is mounted generally on the top of the engine so replacement of it will be easy and simple.

Reasons to replace/change the air filter –

Engine Performance –

The engine is working on the fuel-air mixture so one needs to understand the replacing or changing value of it.

The engine’s performance is highly dependent on the quality of the air filter. Once the dust or dirt went into the engine combustion chamber then it is harmful to the intake manifold, cylinder, and piston.

Fuel economy –

If air passed is not so clean then fuel economy varies directly. Fuel provides the maximum efficiency and power to the engine.

Fuel requirement is also high if air filter is not so clean.

Therefore air filter replacement becomes more important periodically.

Exhaust –

If the air filter is clogged then the air went in the engine is not at the optimum level so Incomplete combustion occurs.

Car Exhaust smoke becomes very dirty and polluted if unburnt fuel is passed away through the exhaust.

3 Major Benefits of Changing The Air Filter

1 – Increased fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency always has greater value because every aspect regarding performance and power comes in the way of fuel efficiency. This fuel efficiency gets consistent and becomes enhanced due to replacing the air filter periodically and timed.

2 – Increased Engine Life

Engine life is enhanced and increased due to scheduled replacement of the air filter.

3 – Clean Exhaust

Exhaust emission is so clean and non-polluted due to clean air is used for combustion. So scheduled and recommended replacement of air filter becomes very necessary.

How can we Change Air Filter –

The air filter is mounted on the engine’s top or on either side of the engine. Once you see any mechanic who has changed it, you also become able to replace/change the air filter. It requires some spanners and your little efforts.

Any air filter has a plastic or fiber cover to it. This cover has been fixed With Nut-bolt arrangement, clips or screws.

Air Filter Replacement Schedule –

12 – 15k miles or (20000 km)

Air filter replacement schedule varies according to car and engine type. But generally, 12000 to 15000 miles is the limit for any air filter. After that many km, you can run your car but it seems to be clogged or trapped.

Air filter’s material has not the strength as it is made up of paper, cotton, or reinforced paper material. It becomes dull after some period of time. Also, the air went through it will be harmful to engine components. So go through the recommended replacement schedule of your car.

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