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We are minimizing your work about the right choice of Best floor mats for cars in India by just writing this article. We have given the list of top 5 floor mats products that are available on Amazon for online selling. You can easily buy them or just the right one you wanted.

What is the use of floor mats?

Anything you required with your car is such accessories by which you can feel comfortable in the car. Floor Mats are required mostly in any vehicle. Our shoes come directly in contact with the car floor. So there are the chances of getting the floor dirty(dust formation). So keep the car floor clean by just putting the floor mats on.

Top 5 Universal floor mats list |

Today, You Don’t have to run to the private accessories store and buy whatever is available there. There are greater value and quality products online. Amazon and other online market stores make you shop on their sites. With such sites, you should have the knowledge regarding best or top products. Following Top 5 floor mat products are the best in class.

Autofurnish Anti Skid Curly Car Foot Mats (Grey Black) Universal

Description –

Autofurnish is one of the best brands of car accessories. They are providing the floor mats with special quality as anti-skidding. This anti-skid is achieved through its curly upper surface. Floor mats are bought just by seeing the aesthetic look and feeling comfortable with them.

Features –

Dual Tone color and easy to Install.

It is a kind of rubber product means equipped with rubber nails and it has anti-skid quality.

Dust trapping capacity and dust can be easily removable from it.

Comfortable feel for feet as They are well cushioned.

Cleaning them is very simple with water and air also.

Water and dust trapping is not a great task.

Appearance is very clean and fresh though they are dirty.

Because of rubber nails, dirt is trapped down on the mats. But never appeared upper so Dirt can’t even go into the A/C compartment.

Specifications –

Manufacturer – AutoFurnish
Material – Vinyl
Colour – Grey Black
Product Dimensions – 40 x 50 x 5 cm
Product weight – 1.4 Kg

Autosun Car Floor/Foot Mats Black Rubber for Universal CAR

Description –

Autosun is a well-known brand for car floor mats. This floor mat product is highly recommended because it is easily handled with proper cleaning as well as it has high strength. This is a universal floor mat product. These floor Mats are made up of non-woven jacquard automotive grade vinyl carpet.


Set of 4 mats (2FR, 2RR), Suitable for all car types.

Anti skid quality, comfortable, Vinyl constructed mats.

Cleaning is simple, weather proof, long durable rubber.

Well cushioned High strength and weight product.

Specifications –

Product Material – Heavy-duty vinyl
Product Colour – Black
Manufacturer – Autosun
Product Dimensions – 48.2 x 27.5 x 9.4 cm
Product weight – 3.15 Kg

TRAC-Universal Curly Grass Mat/Coil Car Floor Mats /12 mm(Red+Black)


This is the type of universal mats and one of the most well known for its durability. TRAC, This product in view for its performance and quality. You can protect your car’s floor and also give an aesthetic appearance. Their dual tonal colour gives a very premium look.

Features –

Compatible with all cars.

Mats are equipped with anti skid rubber nails.

They provide cushion feeling with dust trapping capacity.

Water/liquid and dust trapping is never appeared at the upper. So A/C recirculation is also clean.

Washing and cleaning them is very easy task.

Specifications –

Manufacturer – TRAC
Product Dimensions – 26 x 12 x 18 cm
Material – EVA, Rubber
Colour – Red+Black
Vehicle Service Type – Passenger Car
Product Weight – 1 kg

MEDETAI (Imported) Universal Car Floor Mats (Transparent) Set of 5


MEDETAI brings you universal, imported, Transparent car floor mats that are just simple to access, handle and clean. These transparent floor mats are now available online on the Amazon shopping site. You can buy from anywhere just on your click. They are available at a very affordable price. So make the right choice and buy this product.

Features –

Set of 5 mats.

Easy to clean and wash.

High strength gives them more durability.

Automotive-grade Vinyl is used so it provides high comfort, anti-skid property, and cushion feel.

Product comes with 1 month manufacturing defect warranty.

Specifications –

Manufacturer – MEDETAI
Product Dimensions – 40 x 50 x 5 cm
Product weight – 1.5 Kg
Material – PVC

Adroitz Universal Car Floor Mat (Set of 4, Black)


Adroitz brings you the universal floor mats which have been well known for 7-depth layer protection for the car interiors. This product has a set of 4 mats in black color. This product can be bought online on the Amazon site. You can make purchases easily with your fingertips. This is a very affordable product so reduce your efforts to go any shop and make this product yours just by sitting at your home.

Features –

Luxury styling and great finishing.

Well known for performance, flexibility and durability,

Protection against liquid, mud, dust.

Easy to clean and wash.

Constructed with Raised ridges to trap dirt, mud, dust. Also has an anti-skid quality.

Easy to trim to make perfect size for your car.

Specifications –

Manufacturer – Adroitz
Product Dimensions – 68 x 48 x 3 cm
Product weight – 3.62 Kg
Product Colour – Black
Number of mats – 4

Online purchase is always subject to your belief in products. You see photos, reviews, descriptions, and features to gain your information about the product. Every product has some value on its own qualities so buy any product which matches your requirements. This automobile accessory, floor mats is always on the edge. Customers want premium quality and also at the cheapest price. So We have reduced your work by giving such information regarding Top 5 floor Mats for cars in India.

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