Causes of Power Window Failure | failed Power Window reasons |

Power Window failures may occur due to various causes. You have to understand them and make this problem solved as early as possible. Causes which are some electrical or power window system failures but they can be fixed.

No electric supply, faulty window motor, faulty window switch, and faulty Power window regulator, These are some common Power window failure Causes. In this article, We have discussed some common Causes of Power window failure.

Most Common Causes of Power Window Failure

1 – No electric supply (fuse, Relay, or wire connection)

The power window system is operating on the motor which is driven through an electric circuit supply. Supply should be sufficient and continuous. If there is some issue regarding battery, power window fuse, circuit breaker, relay, or electric wire connection then the circuit supply is cut off. You should notice this cause if the switch or motor is functioning well.

2 – Defective/Faulty Window Motor

The faulty window motor is another cause for a power window failure. The motor’s internal circuit may get full voltage or low voltage which decides the car’s window operating condition. Earlier problems regarding circuit connections happen then slowly it would affect the motor.

Harsh noise of the motor, Lower up-down speed, are the initial symptoms of the bad power window motor. You have to take step towards this problem once realized.

3 – Faulty Power window Switch –

If the window switch is getting failed to operate then you have to replace it. This cause can be observed if all circuit connections are functioning well enough. Switch assembly has internal contacts between supply but sometimes over the period of time or because of rusting, it lost connections internally. So the switch is decided as faulty.

Another condition for switch failure is damage. If the outer body of the switch gets damaged due to which some internal connection is broken down then the switch is not operating.

4 – Faulty / Damaged window regulator

Over a period of time, the power window system gets some vibratory conditions. So power window mechanical connections may get misaligned from their original positions. Mountings, pivot points, cables, and window clamps must be observed in this case after removing the door panel.

This cause can be easily fixed by just tightening or adjusting the system but Don’t try to repair if large damage is there. In such a condition, the replacement of the regulator is recommended.

Precautions to be taken with Power Window

Don’t play with the power window switch in the circuit – off condition. Keep safety to switch from children.

Circuit supply should be sufficient to function the power window so keep the battery in good condition.

Keep checking the Power window system at a regular maintenance of your car.

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