General Routine of the Car | New Car Maintenance Schedule |

One of the most common factors that should be considered by any car owner is the car’s service or maintenance schedule. Scheduled maintenance provides the protection shield for the car. Regular checkup keeps anyone in the region of car troubleshoots and cares.

In this article, we have given mandatory techniques and methods to do with the scheduled period of time for your car. Generally, Every car brand has a different schedule for a particular car and type of engine but mostly the schedule is the same anyway.

The owner’s manual gives you hints and notices about the service of the car. If you compare the engine’s type and class then you would come to the point which is well organized about replaceable and changeable parts of the car.

Oil and Oil Filter –

Every 10,000 to 15000 Kms, (6000- 9000 miles) Engine’s oil changes its properties so the oil filter and oil must be replaced. For your particular car, you should go through the Manufacturer’s manual.

At this service, You should check air filter quality, if needed it must be replaced also go through the levels of coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid.

Air Filter and fuel filter –

Every 20000 – 25000 km (12000 – 18000 miles) air filter, fuel filter should be replaced. Sometimes there is a suggestion about the AC filter also.

Suspension and Brake System –

Every 30000 – 35000 km, (18000 – 24000 miles) Brake System, Lights, Tyres, Wipers, Rubber Parts, Suspension System, Spark Plugs, Heater plugs must be checked and if needed then replacement should be done.


Every 40000-45000 km, (25000 – 32000 miles) all fluids like coolant, Transmission, and Power steering should be checked and replaced. Be aware of Coolant. Every Time, Coolant properties are changed due to temperature and other operating conditions.


Accessory Belts and Timing Belt should be checked at every 50000 – 60000 km (35000 – 40000 miles) Tyres also lose their depths and become worn out so tyres also get replaced if necessary.

Regular objects to be checked

• Brake Pads and Brake liners (Check and Clean every time)
• All Fluid Levels and Quality
• Suspension Noise (Check and Replace parts)
• Rubber Parts (Wipers and Tyres)
• Battery
• All lights
• AC System

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