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Timing Chain and Timing belt both have the same function of rotating the camshaft in accordance with the crankshaft. Chain or belt is the connection between the camshaft and the crankshaft. It is located at left side of the engine if you are standing in front of your car.

It has packed with casing or cover. No dirt or foreign particles should be gone inside that cover. “Timing” word is importantly placed before the chain or belt due to it maintains the timing of the engine. So what is timing?

Crankshaft rotation is responsible for piston’s upward and downward movement. Timing belt or chain is placed on the crankshaft pulley. Now camshaft pulley is also connected by this chain or belt. Now both shaft Rotation is synchronized.

Camshaft functions as opening and closing of intake and exhaust valve from which intake charge is put in and exhaust gas is come out. Valve’s timing of opening and closing should be correct as per piston strokes. Now, What is the difference between the Timing Chain and Timing belt?

Timing Belt

• It is generally rubber type of part of different characteristics. Material and manufacturing cost is too low. Therefore, Price tag is also cheaper than timing chain.

• Timing belt has teeth on it which take grip on the pulley to rotate.

• As it is a rubber part, You should be more aware about it’s replacing schedule. It gets worn out after certain period of time.

• Timing belt changing schedule is more earlier than timing chain.

• If Timing belt is cut or failed in running condition then Engine can be damaged badly.

Timing Chain

• It is a metal part. Construction and material cost is also high. Therefore Buying cost is also higher than the timing belt.

• Sharp toothed Gears are there as a pulley for timing chain holding.

• Timing chain has holes or gaps on it due to which it takes a grip on pulley gears.

• Lubrication is needed for the chain to prevent wear and tear whereas the timing belt doesn’t require lubrication.

• Chain Replacing Schedule is greater than the belt schedule. If 60k miles is the schedule for timing belt replacement then chain takes its double miles.

• Timing chain noise is the indication for its replacement. It’s changing labor cost is higher than the belt.

Which Is Better? Timing belt or Timing Chain |

Both are available in different engine types. So if you are the customer which likes regular maintenance then go with the timing belt.

On the other side of it, if you want some part which would not be failed or replaced earlier then you can go with the Timing chain..

So, which one is better? The timing chain has more weightage nowadays because you can feel safe and secure with the Timing chain.

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