Common 5 Causes Of Timing Chain Noise |

There is an issue regarding timing chain noise in a few vehicles which are equipped with a chain instead of a belt for timing. Timing chain failure or it’s noise is not good for your car. You should have concerned about this issue and must be aware of its causes.

A timing chain is a connection between crank and cam shafts. Intake and exhaust valve openings are properly maintained according to the movement of the crankshaft by this Timing chain.

This chain system consists of gear – pulley arrangement for camshaft and crankshaft. The timing chain works smoothly but if the failure occurs then it will be costly for engine components also. So you have to be aware of its failure or noise causes.

1 – Extra or heavy Loads

Timing Chain has its replacement period but if your car has been carrying out more weight than it’s ability then the load is transferred on to the engine. This causes the chain to rotate under stress but not freely. After some time, you can hear chain noise even if lubrication is there. Don’t put heavy loads in a car.

2 – Wear and Tear of chain

The timing chain is metal and moving part so it has a certain lifespan to change. Whether you are doing proper oil changes and service for your car then also, there are chances for timing chain noise because of wear and tear. When the timing chain is worn out then noise starts to come. Every car manufacturer has scheduled the timing chain change.

3 – Engine Oil is not changed on schedule.

As you know, Oil change should be after 3k to 5k miles running. It is difficult for oil to maintain it’s own viscosity after that. If the oil is not changed for so long period then chain noise is the possibility created. The timing chain is metal manufactured so lubrication should be proper otherwise metal starts to wear and the noise comes.

4 – Wrong Engine Oil

Oil must be proper. Every car has specific oil grades which should have been used every time otherwise Engine’s components may get harm by that oil. Oil specification is decided for a particular car because the engine working temperature must be in control and lubrication also must be proper.

All the above parameters are not completed by wrong engine oil with a different grade. Then it’s viscosity is properly maintained and difficult to sustain with high temperatures. This all results in a lack of chain lubrication and the chain starts to wear out.

5 – Faulty Oil Filter

The oil filter is the main component to prevent the dirt in oil to flow inside the engine. These filters have anti-drain back valves to gather some oil and not to drain all oil from the filter. This is because when you start the vehicle, the Oil flow should be as immediate as possible.

If the faulty oil filter is there then oil will be drained from the filter and there produces some delay in oil circulation which results in chain lubrication delay also. Then you will hear chain noise immediately after giving the starter switch.

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