How to Check Brake Pads | Symptoms of Bad Brake Pads

The Brake pad is an important part in the brake system. If the braking of your car has reduced a bit, and the pedal is going down when the brake is pressed, then it is very important to get the brake pads checked. 

The age of the original brake pads is about 40000 km. If you put a local brake pad for your car, then it can walk for about 30000 km. 

Symptoms of Bad Brake Pads

1. Brake pedal go down    

When you press the pedal, You suddenly get noticed about its misfunction. If brake pedal is gone  down then one of its reason is brake pad. 

2. Hard braking    

Another symptom which was really going rarely but it is the fact that if you press the pedal it feels very hard. If brake pads become hard then this type of symptom happens.

3. Some wear on brake pads (Friction between brake disc and pad)

Brake pads wear unevenly that’s why you must check pads as well as calliper piston, calliper pins. 

4. Brake discs (linings)   

This symptom you are noticed with, is the issue of hard pads so always check for linings on the disc.

These are the Symptoms of Bad Brake Pads. Now we are going to see how to check brake pads.

 brake pads

How to Check Brake Pads? 

1. After removing the tire check the brake pad. If the thickness of the inner part of the pad which is worn on the disc is less than 5 mm, get the brake pad replaced immediately. 

2. If the thickness of the brake pads is good yet the linings have come on the disc, then it is understood that the brake pads have become hard and need to be replaced.

Things to Keep in Mind

1. Use the brake properly. Get the brake system checked every time during servicing. 

2. Do not drive the car by putting feet on the brake pedal.

3. The brake pads can be cleaned with polished paper.

4. Always check brake fluid.

5. If the brake pad is completely weakened, the caliper piston may come out due to repeated braking. This can increase the chances of brake fluid leakage

6. Get the caliper pin greasing serviced at all times. In order for the brake pads to operate properly, it is very important to have the caliper pin and piston working properly.

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