Should I Buy a Hybrid Car । Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

Should I Buy a Hybrid Car | Advantages, and Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

Many auto companies are trying to launch the Hybrid Cars and the Honda and Toyota companies are on the edge in the competition. The auto industry had a gradual but a heavy fall of sales in the past couple of years due to people not buying cars due to several reasons:

  • The cars became too expensive
  • The global economic crisis led to low paying jobs
  • People started moving to places where they could find better jobs and sold their owned cars
  • Pollution issues
  • Used cars maintained properly so new cars are not bought regularly

Now the economic crisis may have gone down a bit, but the pollution issue is still there. To cater to that and to introduce yet another magnificent breakthrough technical step in cars, the companies in the automaking industry have moved to produce hybrid cars. That is how Honda and Toyota are on the verge of the same competitive fight again.

However, Toyota is a step ahead of Honda and all you can see is the latter following its competitor. Toyota launched its Prius in hybrid to cater to a bigger consumer ship pie, than Honda. Honda may have sold a million hybrids this year, but Toyota’s selling number is far above it. However, Honda selling in a 7 digit selling amount is something for the company still.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars have their own ads and disads, however. You do not have to think that the cars are all friendlier. They may be eco-friendly, but they are not at all 100% good. Let me share some ads and disads they have. Mind you, this is a very general evaluation, so even if you buy any hybrid form any topnotch company, the facts would still be there.

Advantages of Hybrid Cars

  • Lesser contribution to pollution
  • Reliable, and comfortable in driving
  • More mileage in lesser power
  • Lesser emissions
  • Batteries can be charged by any external resource
  • Warranty based cars and batteries
  • Less fuel dependent cars
  • Save up more cost on the hybrids than you can think of

Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

  • When you buy a hybrid car, you need to revise all your financial plans. Obviously, the greater advantages come with a disadvantage of the cars being highly expensive. You have to pay a lot more than just the normal amount of dollars, for hybrids, in comparison to what you would pay for fuel emission cars.
  • The weight of the car depends upon the size and the body parts. As the cars will have many batteries, the weight of the cars will be very heavy. You cannot just tell any hauler to ship your car anywhere. You need special carriers to cater to the hybrid car shipping processes. The auto transport quote for shipping such cars would be a heavier one too.
  • While you are driving, when the fuel cars get into accidents, they burn. Hybrids may be at the risk of shocks while an accident happens. You cannot escape the aftermath of the functionalities of cars, whether they are on fuel or on electric power.
  • The vehicles can only be maintained and taken care of by professionals and not the local mechanics in your nearby car markets.
  • You may need a lot more money to spend on getting spare parts if needed.

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