How to choose a good paint protection film?

In addition to blocking UV rays, the high-quality automotive paint protection film also has strong toughness, which can increase the strength of the glass against impact.

In the event of an accident, the glass fragments are stuck in place, effectively preventing the damage of personal injury caused by splashing of glass fragments. 

How to choose a good paint protection film?

1. Touch by hand-

The colour of the inferior car protective film is added to the mounting layer. So the glue layer and film are thick and the elasticity is poor;

2. Use the nose to smell-

the Inferior car protective film adhesive layer residual solvent in the high benzene content, odour. You will seriously endanger the health of the owner.

3. Look at the brand-

To choose a brand of car paint protective film and goodwill good store. You can reduce the risk of film. Avoid buying inferior film or fake. Ask the store or observe it yourself whether there is an anti-counterfeiting mark on the back of the car protective film.

The back of the explosion-proof film of the regular brand is generally printed with anti-counterfeiting marks.

If possible, you can ask the store for a piece of trim. Uncover the back film to expose the adhesive layer and then rub it on the ground. If it appears faded and scratched, it is a fake film.

4. Look at the price-

Although in general, the price is high. The quality is relatively reliable, but the goods are more than three. If the price mentioned is higher than the general market, it is somewhat outrageous.

5. Look at the quality assurance-

The general brand car protective film has a film warranty card. The warranty card usually includes the warranty item, the age, the payment method and the real name and phone number of the manufacturer.

6. See if there are scratch marks-

There is a layer of an anti-scratch layer on the surface of a high-quality car paint protection film. Under normal use, the film surface can be protected from scratching.

while the low-grade film does not have this protective layer. It will be scraped by the tool when filming. Scratches.

7. Refer to the technical parameters provided by the manufacturer-

Transmittance, UV blocking rate, heat insulation rate and explosion-proof performance are the common terms used by manufacturers to observe the performance of the film.

The high-quality film UV blocking rate is generally not less than 98%, high. Up to 99%, can effectively prevent the occupants from being exposed to excessive ultraviolet rays, Burn the skin, and protect the interior of the car and other decorative products will not be sunburned, faded and aged.

Inferior membranes do not have these indicators.

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