How to find Car leakage

Car leakage is mainly concentrated in the air conditioning, oil circuit and waterway. As long as the system with the liquid flow may leak, it is difficult how to find car leakage for the owner.

The naked eye can see the obvious leakage. indicating that it is quite serious, and there is no obvious leakage. How can the leak be detected and further repaired when there is no instrument for finding leaks?

Introduce the following methods for leak detection

How to find car leakage-

1.Visual inspection-

This is the easiest. When it is found that there is oil on a joint in the system, there may be a leaking point here.

2.Soap Detection-

The system can be filled with 10-20KG/CM3 pressure nitrogen, soapy water is applied to all parts of the system, and the bubble is the leak point.

3.Nitrogen test-

The system is filled with 10-20KG/CM3 pressure nitrogen, the system is immersed in water, and the bubble is the leak point.

4.Halogen lamp-

leak detection is the use of halogen-free LPG, ignite the leak detector, take the air tube on the halogen lamp, the nozzle is close to the system may leak, the flame colour turns purple-blue, which means there is A lot of leaks.

5.Gas Differential Pressure-

Leak Detection Method The differential pressure inside and outside the system is used to amplify the differential pressure through the sensor and express the leak detection result in digital or acoustic or electronic signals.

There are generally three types of vacuum negative pressure leak detection, helium gas and nitrogen positive pressure leak detection.

6.Electronic leak detection-

Use the probe to move all possible leaks. When the leak detector sends an alarm, it indicates a large amount of leakage.

7.Fluorescent Leak Detection-

Fluorescent agents emit yellow-green light when illuminated by a leak detector. Add the phosphor to the system in a certain proportion. After 20 minutes of operation, wear special glasses and use the leak detector to illuminate the outside of the system. The leak will be bright yellow fluorescent.

these are the proven methods of how to find car leackage?

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