How to change a tire of your car?

If you encounter a puncture, be sure to keep calm, remember not to panic. Because it’s not difficult to change the tire yourself, we will teach you to step by step how to change a tire?

Just follow the following process, you can do very well.

How to change a tire of your car?

Just follow the following process-

Step 1:

Stop the car in a safe place and turn on the warning light. If you encounter a puncture while driving, remember to keep calm, hold the steering wheel with both hands, and try to drive the car slowly to a safe roadside.

Note- If driving an automatic shifting car, the gear should be adjusted to the position, and the owner of the manual shifting vehicle should enter the first gear or reverse gear.

Step 2: 

Observe the traffic conditions around the vehicle before getting off the bus. After confirming the safety.

You can get off the train to the rear compartment to take out the gloves, spare tires and other related tools, and prepare to replace the tires.

Step 3: 

First, loosen the rim screw in a diagonal form.

Step 4: 

Then place the jack on the chassis bracket and slowly raise the body until the tires are only slightly attached to the ground.

Then spare the tires on the bottom of the car to prevent the car from falling suddenly.

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Step 5: 

Then you can loosen the screws one by one.

Step 6: 

At this time, turn the jack again to raise the body by about 10 cm to ensure that there is enough space to put the inflated spare tire.

Then take out the blasted tires, place them on the bottom of the car, and install the spare tires.

Step 7:

After loading the tires, make sure the screws are in the correct position and tighten the screws diagonally.

Since the wheel is still suspended in the air, the screw cannot be lifted to the tightest state.

Step 8: 

Then remove the tire under the car and slowly lower the jack. Once the tire is on the ground, it can be locked again with a diagonal screw.

Step 9: 

Finally, put the jack and the blasted tire back into the rear compartment, and complete the entire tire changing program.

After replacing the spare tires, you should drive to the repair center as soon as possible to replace the blasted tires.

If you follow these are the steps you can not forget how to change a tire? yourself.

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