How to fix deep scratches on a car

After driving for a period of time, the car will have shallow scratches, viscera and oxidation on the painted surface of the car due to the influence of the external environment. That’s why today’s topic is How to fix deep scratches on a car?

It will also cause deep scratching of the primer due to artificial scratching. In view of these two kinds of troublesome situations, what kind of methods can be used to correct the symptoms, and car scratch repairs are good and fast.

For shallow scratches, we can prevent it. If it is new when the paint is new. Such as a mirror glaze on the surface of the car body, the mirror glaze is mainly composed of high polymer which directly acts on the surface of the paint and is polished on the cleaned body.

How to fix deep scratches on a car?

Machine or manual operation. The mirror glaze is squeezed into the interior of the paint by vibration to form a protective film like a mesh.

It can greatly improve the hardness of the paint surface. While the high temperature and UV resistance characteristics can better protect the paint if the car washes regularly. When waxing, the mirror glaze effect can last for a year.

For those vehicles that have already had shallow scratches, they can be quickly processed by polishing. The polishing wheel is used together with the polishing brightener to remove the oxide layer attached to the surface of the car. And the fine scratches are flattened, and the agent penetrates into the paint.

The restoration changes, not only the shallow car scratches repair are removed, but the paint surface has also been refurbished. According to the different conditions, the process takes only 30 to 40 minutes.

If the scratches on the body have already exposed the primer, you should do a partial touch up treatment.

For this kind of scratch, it is best to go to the repair center with scratch repair service. They use special refinish paint.

Where to make up where to avoid, the large-area spraying time and effort is avoided. The refinishing paint drying speed is fast, the colour can be naturally connected with the original car paint repair surface. No colour difference, no repair marks at all.

now we can fix deep scratches on a car.

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