Car Backfire – Causes for it

Car backfiring is a like-to-do concept with your car. Backfire is an audible crackling fire from the exhaust of a car. At Night time, It looks like a fire shooting.

Backfire is occured when your exhaust system consists of unburnt fuel to be ignited. This means unburnt fuel is heated up to the point of ignition. This causes a fire (explosion).

This type of explosion is not related with the engine firing. You have to make your concepts clear about engine noise & backfire sound. Backfire is audible at the time of starting, sudden accelerating and decelerating of a car.

Is it good or bad? Is it legal or illegal? These questions arise because of not knowing the reasons for a backfire. In this article, We have discussed the Causes of a Car Backfire.

1 – Bad Ignition Timing

Bad ignition timing can cause the improper burning of fuel. At ignition time, valves must be closed then only, engine will produce optimum power by burning the air-fuel mixture efficiently.

If above situation doesn’t occur then unburnt fuel passes through the exhaust system which further causes backfire if sufficient heat is there. This means, valves closing and opening timing must be exactly functionable as ignition timing.

2 – Bent Valves

As above said, valve and Ignition timing is very important for efficient burning of fuel but what happens if bent valves are present there?

Intake and exhaust valves should be in good operating condition otherwise everything is working fine but bent valves provide improper combustion with higher amount of fuel into the cylinder. This causes unburnt fuel to be entered into the exhaust system.

Bent valve is a problem regarding engine timing. Engine timing should be perfect otherwise you’ll get a backfire issue and timing chain / belt failure too.

3 – Rich Air/Fuel Mixture

Rich mixture is nothing but the Mixture in which extra amount of fuel than air and it is supplied into the combustion chamber. If this type of intake is ignited, we can’t be sure with an efficient burning of a fuel amount.

This further leads to a backfire as unburnt fuel particles are collected in the exhaust system. Such particles if burnt, due to heat present in the exhaust, cause an audible fire.

4 – Lean Air/Fuel Mixture

Air-fuel mixture becomes Lean because of dirty fuel filter, failed fuel pump, or bad fuel injectors. Lean mixture causes the inefficient burning of fuel due to excessive air in it.

After combustion, unburnt fuel goes into the exhaust system. Further it is exploded by heat generated after a certain period of time.

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