Car Protection Tips from the Sun | Exterior & Interior

In this article, We have discussed the Car protection Tips from the sun by which you will get an idea about how to protect a car from the sun.

Every Car has a problem regarding the direct sunlight on the body of the car. After a period of time, Bodypaint gets dull or cracked. Car’s Interior also can be affected by sun rays.

What can you do in this case? Each and every effort should be in the prevention of the problem so the following techniques are just according to that…

How to protect a car from Sun?

Exterior Body Protection –

• Paint Protection –

The main Observation regarding direct sunlight is its colour. The Colour of the body gets faded. Sometimes, it gets cracked. For such a problem, you have to protect the body by Paint Protection. It can prevent body damage from any environmental or chemical cause.

• Tire Protection –

Apply silicone spray on tires to Protect the outer layers from direct sunlight. Also, Tire Pressure can be lost due to heat. For that reason, check pressure every time before you go anywhere on summer days.

• Use Body(Car) Cover

Any plastic/polythene cover to the body can protect the body from external attack. Also take care while you are going to park your car under a tree, under the open sky, always park in the shade, or parking area.

Interior Protection

• Leather seat protection.

Leather material will be cracked if it comes in contact with the sun. So use seat covers or leather protection film to prevent your seats from the sun.

• Glass Protection film –

This film can prevent direct sunrays to come inside. Glass coating/filming can protect the interior of your car. Also, You can use a glass protective shield from inside of the car. You can be safe from sunlight by doing that.

• Dashboard/Steering Protection –

You can use a windshield sun protector. Also, Protect your steering wheel with a steering cover. For fiber material, Use protection film/coating to dashboard and door panels inside of your car.

Anyhow, after interior and exterior protection, You have to do a regular checkup for Oil, fluid levels, battery, and engine maintenance on summer/Hot Days.

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