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This article is about information about Engine Stalling causes. Engine stall is a serious problem, you are not getting familiar with it easily. So knowing the reasons, You should follow the precautions regarding it.

It becomes very frustrating when you know that an engine stall has occurred. By Understanding the causes of engine stalling, You will never gonna be frustrated but be sure about what to do next.

Causes of Engine Stalling?

Following concepts or areas should be considered when they fail to work properly. Due to the following reasons, the Engine behaves abnormally, and stalls.

1 – Electrical Failure –

Nowadays Every Modern vehicle has electronic control over the engine. Any electronic or electrical failure can cause the trouble to engine’s operation which could be the reason for engine stall.

2 – Transmission –

It is bound to happen when you really operating the transmission system in the wrong way. Clutch control or gear shifting If not properly handled down then engine stall would be there.

3 – Air Intake –

An engine requires a proper ratio of the air-fuel mixture. If the air intake isn’t there as required then fuel won’t burn properly and the engine getting stalled.

4 – Fuel Supply –

Fuel supply should be moderated and continuous. If it doesn’t, then engine won’t run smoothly and stalls.

5 – Engine timing –

Timing Chain or Belt maintains the camshaft and crankshaft in an aligned way to operate properly as firing order is concerned. If this timing gets failed then the Engine will stall.

6 – Lubrication and Cooling Failure –

Lubrication is the main aspect of the engine. It helps to drive the engine smoothly. Engine and Transmission Oil levels should be maintained to avoid engine stall. Lesser Lubrication also damages the internal engine components.

Another cause for engine stall is an engine gets overheated due to insufficient coolant level. Coolant level should be maintained.

How to Prevent the Engine Stall –

• You should maintain the service schedule according to the service manual.

• Engine Stalling causes as You have no control over it, You keep your driveability safe and secure. Handle every condition smoothly and safely.

• However small but Never neglect any engine issues, diagnose and solve them.

• Maintain All types of fluid and oil Levels in your car.

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