Causes of Blue Exhaust Smoke from the Car

Did you see blue smoke from your car’s exhaust? Do you want to know the causes for that? Here is the answer, We have discussed the main causes of blue smoke from the exhaust.

Normal exhaust or clean Exhaust doesn’t have any color. So when your car is going to fume colored exhaust Smoke, you have to be aware of it. To know this completely, the first step is to understand the causes for it.

Why this Blue Smoke is fumed?

Blue smoke is generally fumed because oil has been dripped in a cylinder anyhow and gets combusted.

It results in blue smoke from the tailpipe. In this condition, fuel also doesn’t get burnt properly. This means, if the oil has been mixed with the intake charge and gets burnt, it causes the blue smoke to fire out.

Causes / Reasons of blue smoke

Is Your Car Blowing Blue Smoke? Following are the 3 possible reasons for it. Go through them and keep guessing work for yourself …

1 – head gasket failure

If the head gasket is failed/worn out then oil can flow through the engine parts from the block and head passage. It will drop onto the hot exhaust parts. This results in blue smoke. This smoke’s smell can be experienced.

2 – Bad piston rings and valve seals

Piston rings, valve seals, and PCV valves have a certain life span. Dry and cracked valve seals are failed to keep oil separate. It results in the blue smoke by oil is getting burnt in a combustion chamber.

If blue smoke lasts longer while driving then worn piston rings would be the reason. Oil is dripping into the combustion chamber continuously which leads to blue Exhaust smoke after combusting with fuel.

3 – Glow Plugs failure (Diesel Engines)

Heater plugs or glow plugs, if they failed or became worse over the period of time then there is the possibility of taking a long time to Start/crank the engine. With such plugs, if you have accelerated the engine, blue smoke initially blown out of the exhaust.

How to fix this blue smoke problem?

Anyway, you have to go through replacing the glow plugs, head gasket, valve seals, piston rings, or PCV valve according to which part is getting failed.

Generally, The conclusion from this article Causes of blue smoke is You can’t drive your car with blue smoke… Replace the worn parts otherwise serious engine damage will occur… uh!

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