Root Causes of High Oil Pressure in a Car.

Proper Oil Pressure can be a good asset for any Engine. If it increases above normal then That’s the reason for many abnormal functions in the Engine. In this article, we have discussed the Root Causes of High Oil Pressure.

Engine components need to be lubricated while in function. So small Passages are provided in the Engine through which oil gets passed at the required pressure.

If Oil pressure goes high then There would be a possibility of serious damage to the engine parts. So You should know the following reasons(Causes) by which High Oil Pressure occurs.

Causes / Reasons of High Oil Pressure –

1 – Clogged Oil Filter

A blocked, Damaged, or (simply say) Clogged Oil Filter is a potential cause of High Oil Pressure. There are many reasons behind Clogged Oil Filter, but you should be aware that Oil Filter must be replaced if such condition occurs.

2 – Faulty Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure Relief Valve releases the High Oil Pressure from the Engine. Or indicates that. But if it gets faulty or damaged then Oil Pressure will increase continuously.

3 – Wrong Engine Oil

Oil changes its Viscosity over a period of time. If You choose the wrong oil for your engine then Viscosity gets Changed dramatically and due to this reason, High pressure of the oil is formed within the engine.

4 – Faulty Oil Pressure Sending Unit/Gauge

The sensor senses the Oil Pressure and sends out such a signal to the ECU. (For some cars, Gauge reading is there.) If the Sensor or The Gauge is faulty then Actual Oil Pressure can’t be observed and Faulty reading occurs.

5 – Blocked Oil Passages

The engine has small Passages and channels through which oil can pass to all components. If such passages get blocked by any foreign material or debris then there will be high-pressure build-up in the engine.

Things to Remember with the Engine Oil –

According to the Engine Manufacturer’s Type, Engine Oil Grade is fixed. Then You must go through it. Otherwise, You will get serious Issues related to Engine and Oil pressure. So Recommended Oil (Grade) should be used for your Car type.

It is absolutely normal if oil pressure goes high on accelerating the vehicle But It shouldn’t go beyond the normal operating conditions. If You feel that thing then surely You go to the service station for high oil pressure problem.

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