Symptoms Of High Oil Pressure in a car ।

High Oil Pressure can cause many adverse effects to the engine. High Oil Pressure symptoms should be known to the owner of the vehicle. In this article, Common symptoms of High Oil Pressure in a car are discussed briefly.

These symptoms you have to understand carefully and after that, you can go through the diagnosis process with the help of probable cause. Let’s see what are the main symptoms of high oil pressure.

Common Symptoms Of High Oil Pressure –

1 – High Oil Pressure Reading

This is the most probable symptom which could be easily detected. High oil Pressure reading through the gauge is observed as an indication of there is enough high oil pressure built up in an engine.

2 – Oil Leakage

High oil pressure can break or blow out the seals and coverings provided between two parts. This Condition causes oil leakage through any damaged sealing.

3 – Engine Overheating

High Oil pressure can cause Engine Overheating due to Not enough provision of lubrication. In this case, oil flow is surely maximum then engine cooling won’t occur. The heat produced by the mating of engine components can’t be absorbed by the oil.

4 – Engine Damage

High Oil pressure doesn’t get controlled in terms of lubrication for the engine. So Friction between engine components results in the wear and tear of the components, which further impacts how the Engine functions.

General Causes of high oil pressure in a car

• Clogged Oil Filter
• Faulty pressure relief valve
• Wrong Engine Oil
• Faulty Oil Pressure Sending Unit/Gauge
• Blocked Oil Passages

Engine Oil – Things to Notice

Engine Oil Grade should not be altered with different types of Grade. Its viscosity plays a very vital role in the engine’s functioning. That’s why the manufacturer of the car recommends the specific Oil Type.

Oil should be changed after a certain running of the car because Oil loses its viscosity over the period of time.

Also, It is absolutely normal if oil pressure goes high on accelerating the vehicle But It shouldn’t go beyond the normal operating conditions.

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