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Windshields should be clean and scratch-free in the sense of we have to get a clear view. The windshield is also a protective material. It protects us from open-air and dust.

If scratches persist permanently then the person can’t see the clear picture through the glass. These scratches are hazardous enough in the night while seeing through.

These scratches should be removed as early as possible to avoid further damage. In this article, we have discussed how to remove windshield scratches. Following are some of the methods to remove them.

Windshield Scratches Removing Methods –

1 – Polishing

Some of the polishing techniques are implemented to remove the scratches by using the polishing materials. It is a type of abrasive and sticky material which is being used for deep cleaning of the windshield.

Polishing pad and cotton is used for such purpose.

2 – Orbital Polisher

This type of polisher makes your efforts lesser and does a great job of removing the scratches. If some quality compound material is applied then it is good to use the orbital polisher.

Scratches are vanished visually by applying an orbital polisher. Nowadays many car owners have their own orbital polisher just to make the polishing work selfly.

The only precaution you have to take is to put minimum pressure on the polisher otherwise windshield surface gets damaged.

3 – Windshield Repair Kit

The repair kit consists of buffing compounds, polisher, and extra cotton clothes which are just sufficient to remove and repair the scratch.

You can buy such a Windshield repair kit from any auto store or purchase it online.

4 – Professional Windshield Scratch Repair

If you are unable to remove the scratches then you can take professional assistance. There are a lot of professionals working for it. They can do more appropriate work than yours. It is a time-saving process also. So Either makes your efforts or do it on skilled labor.

5 – Toothpaste usage

If any buffing compound is not available instantly then you can apply toothpaste on the scratch. After applying toothpaste, you could rub it slowly and gently with a fiber cloth in a circular motion.

6 – Nail Polish Usage

We can apply the nail polish on the scratches surface. The purpose of usage of the nail paint is just to avoid the worsening of the scratch in the future.

By applying the nail paint, the surface becomes harder after some period, when possible you can polish that surface with proper materials.

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