Causes of white Smoke from the exhaust

Causes for white, grey, bluish-white smoke are generally occurred due to more fuel is supposed to burn in a combustion chamber. Another possibility is coolant or oil is combusted into a combustion chamber with fuel. 

In this article, we have discussed the causes of white smoke which can be hard sometimes to find.  White smoke can be seen easily. If it comes out rarely then there is no serious issue but on the other hand, If it gets a continuous appearance then it has to be resolved. You should pay attention to the exhaust gas which comes out of the tailpipe. 

1 – Coolant Leakage

A chance for continuous white smoke is generally because coolant may be leaked internally due to cracked engine head or engine block. Then it either mixes with oil or fuel in a combustion chamber and produces the white smoke. This is a serious problem when your car’s coolant level is getting lowered quickly. The engine may overheat due to this reason. The head gasket and other engine components also can be damaged. This will surely make you more suffering. 

2 – Valve seal / Piston Ring leakage

If bluish-white smoke is come out of exhaust pipe then it may be caused by leaking valve seals or piston rings. The oil comes into the combustion chamber due to worn piston rings or valve seals then oil gets burn with fuel and results in different colored exhaust smoke. 

3 – Diesel Injector pump Improper Timing

This reason is there for diesel engines. Diesel Engines if they got improper fuel pump injection then white smoke can appear. Improper timing can cause the rich fuel mixture to be burnt inside the combustion chamber which further results in Unburnt fuel particles to exhaust and it causes the white smoke. The injection pump needs to be a very correct injection timing.

4 – Fuel Injector failure

If any fuel injector fails to work properly then it results in more fuel injection into the combustion chamber. That fuel might be then exhausted with not burning properly which further results in gray-white smoke. The failure of fuel injector means it leaks more fuel due to bad O-ring.
It is also hard to tell which injector is failed to work therefore replacing all injectors is a good preference given by most mechanics. 

5 – Condensed exhaust gas

Condensation may be the reason for white smoke which is blown out of tailpipe at the starting time only or at the short period running of a vehicle. You should not worry about it. This cause occurs in colder regions where the outside temperature is too low. When warm exhaust gases are blown out and mixes with colder air then condensation appears. 

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