6 major Signs or Symptoms of a Bad Ignition Switch

Symptoms of a Bad Ignition Switch are very common and be easily noticeable so we can’t get a really major issue if we solve that Ignition Switch problem at the initial level. 

The ignition switch is generally known as a starter switch. It doesn’t function only to start the engine but to play the radio and operate other accessories as well. It also locks the steering wheel to prevent your car from being stolen. How does one know about this issue? The following are common symptoms that we have discussed with which you can easily understand about bad ignition switch.

1 – Key failed to turn properly

If you operate the key into the ignition switch and you feel that turning or switching the key is not properly functioned then there is a problem with the ignition switch. In this case, the ignition switch may get damaged internally. Such an ignition switch is not aligning properly with the key. 

2 – problem with steering lock removal 

The steering wheel gets locked when you remove the key from the switch but if you again put the key into the switch and steering wheel lock doesn’t get operated well then you surely having the problem with the ignition switch. 

3 – starting trouble or car won’t start

If the current is not passed to starter motor then the motor doesn’t get started which causes the starting trouble. Starting doesn’t even get initiated. Spark plugs require the current to generate the spark which they can get from the battery. If the car’s battery is low or the ignition system is not working then spark plugs won’t work results in starting trouble. That ignition system draws the current from the battery through the ignition switch.

4 – Car accessories won’t work 

Car’s radio, lights and other electronic accessories are operated on battery power. That battery power is provided through ignition switch so it is enough to know about when your accessories don’t work. It is the problem either of the ignition switch or battery.

5 – Dashboard Lights are not illuminated

This symptom you can easily notice while you put the key into the ignition switch and attempt the ignition on mode. If lights are flicking or don’t get turned on then you have the issues with battery power or ignition switch. The switch may wear out internally in this case. 

6 – Car stalls while driving

This issue is serious because how do you feel when your car’s engine gets stopped in running condition. There are two reasons for that problem, the battery power supply is low or failure of the ignition system. Nowadays all engine’s operational values are controlled by computers(ECM) so electric supply is a must for ECM. There might be the reason for the ignition switch because it also connects and completes the power supply from the battery. 

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