Top Signs Or Symptoms of Bad Spark Plugs | Causes of a bad spark plugs

Bad Spark plugs can cause the engine misbehaving with respect to fuel mixture is not getting burnt properly. Engine misbehaving means there are some symptoms that could easily be noticeable. These symptoms are as follows

Check Engine Light is flashed on the dashboard.

Engine Misfires while not ignited the mixture properly.

Poor acceleration while in running condition.

Poor Engine Idle after starting the vehicle.

Starting Trouble is there at the initial stage.

Poor fuel economy is achieved.

How Spark Plug Works –

Spark plugs generally ignite the mixture of fuel and air in a combustion chamber. Ignition coil takes the electric current from the battery and breaks it with the help of a contact breaker which further results in the spark due to small gap at the tip of the spark plug. Generally, high voltage current is jumped over that gap producing the electrical arc.

6 Symptoms of a failed or bad spark plugs

1 – Check Engine Light

If there is any problem regarding spark plugs then such signals are sent to the ECU which determines the problem and illuminate the check engine light. This problem is solved by the scanner by knowing the trouble code and replacing the spark plugs.

2 – Misfire

Any fuel mixture problem can cause the engine misfire. Engine misfire can easily be noticed by anyone. One or many spark plugs if they don’t generate a spark then what would be the engine performance. It surely misfires.

3 – Poor Acceleration

When we do the acceleration there should be optimum and correct fuel combustion as required. Spark plug failure can cause the unintended ignition of a fuel mixture. Therefore anyone who presses the pedal hard can understand that the poor acceleration is obtained.

4 – Poor Idle

The idle condition requires a proper amount of fuel and air which can be burnt also correctly with timing. With failed spark plugs, the unburnt fuel mixture is exhausted which is sensed by the O2 sensor ( senses the amount of oxygen in the exhaust ) and sends the signal to the ECU.

At the initial level, It manages to lower down the fuel amount in a combustion chamber. At that time engine vibrates more at idle condition.

5 – starting trouble

This symptom is very common with bad spark plugs. If spark plugs are worn out completely or in the process of that then this starting issue comes into account. Spark is not generated and therefore fuel and air mixture is not ignited which results in not starting the vehicle.

6 – Poor fuel Economy

In this condition of bad spark plugs, More fuel is unburnt and exhausted as it is. So fuel economy is lowered and we don’t get the required engine performance.

The above symptoms may be caused by some another reason also but if you have not replaced the spark plugs periodically then you should take these symptoms seriously regarding spark plugs.

Causes of a failure of the spark plugs

• Oil and/or carbon formation at the tip of the plug
• Interrupted electrical flow
• Improper gap at the tip
• If it is too old and not replaced. The spark plug has some period of working. It fails after a certain period of time.

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