6 Signs that tell you about Unbalanced Tires of Your Car

Symptoms of unbalanced tires are commonly known by anyone. Just be aware while driving your car. Tires are very important in our car. They should be properly symmetrical and properly balanced. Following are the signs that tell you, your car’s tires are not balanced. 
• Easily felt Vibrations are there in the vehicle. 
Tire wear is not proper or It is uneven
Steering wheel vibration Problem arises in unbalanced tire conditions
Failed or Bad shock absorbers make the tire to be more unbalanced.
Wheel bearing failure is also the symptom of the unbalanced tire
Poor fuel economy is observed.

6 Symptoms of Unbalanced tires

Weight should be evenly distributed on a wheel while rotating. If these symptoms are noticed then you should look for the cause of it otherwise car’s performance is lowered down. 

1 – Vibrations 

You get a full vibrated vehicle body even on plane road conditions so you have to be serious why does this happen? Unbalanced and unsymmetrical tires if they rotate with another balanced tire then not the smooth but awkward driving happens. At higher speeds, this situation is dangerous.

2 – Uneven Tire Wear

You can easily notice this symptom just visually. Treads of the tires if they wear out unevenly then the balance of the vehicle doesn’t occur in running condition. Tires must be balanced periodically so you can avoid abnormal wear.

3 – Steering Problems 

The first symptom which you get into notice is steering vibrations and bad driving experience. Steering takes more effort in driving. Imagine that if you put extra efforts on either left or right side to steer the vehicle or you wouldn’t even take up the straightness of the vehicle then It would be surely the chance of unbalanced tires or alignment issues.

4 – Failed Shock absorbers 

The unbalanced tire also put the load on shocks to operate largely on its side which further results in the shocks to get failed. With shocks, also other suspension components are affected by this. 

5 – Failed wheel Bearings

Wheel assembly got more pressure with one of the unbalanced tire which causes the bearing failure. Bearing takes all the vehicle load in rotating condition, that rotation requires more even and symmetrical weight distribution which is not getting in unbalanced tire condition. 

6 – Bad Fuel Economy

Are you thinking that what’s the relation of the tire and bad fuel economy? The answer is simple. The engine takes more load to drag out the worn and unbalanced tires. These tires are not properly aligned because of wear and also weight distribution is not proper so the engine requires more fuel to drive the vehicle. In this case, The drive is not very smooth. 

Need for Balancing the Tires – 

• Weight distribution should be proper on the wheels

• Tires must be aligned properly with the structure of the vehicle

• Tires may have a manufacturing defect.

• The new vehicle must be properly balanced

 • Unbalanced tire or can cause the extra wear. 

The above reasons are there for the need of tire balancing.

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